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Yiull & Discoball
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Disco Ball

The Disco Ball is a 2001 Vespa PX200. At the time of writing this she had 85 000 km on her odometer. This mileage has been logged by everyday riding as well as some long distance trips over the years.


  • Johannesburg to Cape Town via the Transkei – 3000 km

  • Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, with passenger – 1500km

  • 4 trips from Johannesburg to Durban and back – 1200km

  • Johannesburg to Mozambique, Swaziland and back – 2000km


Yiull customized ‘The Disco’  to stand out by covering her with nearly 40kgs of mirror mosaic - most of it hand cut. Once that part was completed the customizing continued. He added billeted aluminium grips, a snake skin custom single seat, a custom performance exhaust, custom tubeless rims, modified suspension, the ‘la cucaracha' melodic air horn and LED lighting on the front and back.


The Disco Ball is continuously being photographed even when on the move. There have been numerous times when Yiull has felt someone following or watching him only to see them trying to capture some kind footage of The Disco.


The Disco Ball has featured in various publications from magazines to television, a couple of art exhibitions and even appeared on an award ceremony making an entrance onto stage to start the proceedings.


The Disco Ball’s trump card is her ability to make you smile.


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